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The teacher asked Jeremy to solve a Math problem. He went to the whiteboard and stood there. He could not remember how to do it.

He heard the other children whispering.

“He never gets anything right.”

“I knew he could not do it.”

Jeremy wondered if they were right about him. He was not very good at Math or Science and some other things.

“Okay, Jeremy,” the teacher said, “You can go back to your seat.”

He felt so bad on his way back to his seat. So Jeremy did not see when Kevin quickly stretched out his foot in his way. He stumbled over it and nearly fell.

“Dummy!” Kevin whispered.

The other children laughed at him.

The next class was gym, and Jeremy was in trouble again. He kept dropping the basketball, and when it was his time to score, he kept on missing the hoop.

His classmates were very upset with him, and they called him all sorts of  names. He felt terrible. He wished he could just disappear.

The coach saw how unhappy he looked and spoke to him.

“Don’t feel so bad, Jeremy. I am sure there is something you are good at doing. You just have not found it yet.”

“You think so, Coach?” he asked. “I just can’t seem to do anything right.”

“Take your time, Jeremy. Everyone has a purpose, and one day, you will know yours.”

“What is a purpose, Coach?” Jeremy asked. He did not understand.

“It is that thing you were born to do, Jeremy, and when you find out what it is, you will be able to do it very well, and you will also enjoy doing it,” Coach told him.

Jeremy wondered if there was anything in the world he could ever do very well.


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