9 Ways to Teach Your Children to be Brave

Are you interested in teaching your children to be brave? Well, there are nine proven ways that you can use to teach your children how to be brave.

         1. Set the example

Let your children learn from you how to be brave. This means that you also need to show acts of bravery. Show them how you can get out of your comfort zone and still be fine.

         2. Invoke culture

Your children need a reason for them to be brave. At this point, you can invoke culture and heritage by telling them it is expected for them to be brave.

          3. Challenge and praise

Provide an opportunity for your children to exercise their bravery acts. You should praise them if they go out of their comfort zones to show bravery.

          4. Build confidence in them

You should instill confidence in your children if you want them to be brave. There is no way your children can be brave if their self-confidence is damaged.

          5. Encourage them to fail

Let your children know that failure is not a bad thing but rather an opportunity to learn. If they are encouraged to fail, they will naturally try new things that require bravery.

          6. Differentiate bravery and violence

You don’t want a scenario where children are mistaking violence for bravery. You need to tell them the boundary between being brave and being violent.

          7. Create an environment for them to feel safe

You have a duty to create a safe place for your children to practice being brave. The best way to do it is to set a safe place for them to feel secure.

          8. Point to their spiritual source of courage

Sometimes you may be needed to refer them to Yahweh, God, I AM, Allah, YHWH, Jesus, human imagination or Jehohav who encourages people to be brave and not fearful. Their understanding that this is a spiritual call will make them aware of the need to be brave.

          9. Teach them compassion

Your children need to have a  sense of justice in them. This will help them understand the ways of facing a problem.

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